Monday, March 28, 2011


I was backing up my iPhone today before my trip, just in case, and found this picture I took about a week ago.  I think it pretty much sums up how the whole city feels...
A few years ago I tried to make a machine rack for my drawer so my machines were a bit more organized.  Being that I don't have the appropriate tools, and I'm far from a carpenter, the one I made worked but was beyond ugly.  It also only held 6 machines.  I've been asking clients if they could make me something new, something a bit nicer, and something a bit more functional for a while now, and finally someone came through!!!!
Solange brought me a beautiful new machine rack for my drawer today.  Super awesome.   I've literally had a half dozen people say it would be no problem at all to make, draw out little tumbnails, take extensive measurements, want to make it out of wood, metal...  and then never speak of it again.   She literally took one look a the drawer, took 2 quick measurements, didn't even write them down, and had it made and in my hands in under a week.   I'm beyond happy with it!
 Cherry Wood base... beveled edging...pretty damn nice...
 Finally, I saw these in Shoppers Drug Mart tonight... What the hell are these.... seriously....why?

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