Sunday, May 1, 2011


Yup, I missed last night's blog post... that's what happens when you stay up drinking till 5am when you have to be in a cab heading to the airport by 8am...

Teagan en route to YEG to catch our flight to YVR
First stop in Vancouver was Deluxe Moderne Burger for lunch
Then we walked around our old hood and Kits Beach for a bit
The Burrito Bros for dinner 
Then to Vera's for a Pint with Shaun
Then night one of drinking till 5am with Darryl
 This was how Darryl signed the check at the end of the night.  Jaws.  Amazing.
Day 2 started a bit late since we were out till dawn, but started right by going to the Wooden Shoe 
Then we walked around Main Street for a bit, and back to Davie St for sushi
 ...and at this point I started drinking the first of many beers over the course of the night...
Then off to The Vogue to see The Cave Singers who were absolutely amazing...
 Fleet Foxes were unreal live
 Then we met up with Darryl again for one beer, which became many beers... which became bouncing from bar to bar until 3:30am.... which then took us to Denny's at 4:00am....
Awesome trip that was way far to short... Vancouver, we'll be back... hopefully sooner than later...

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