Thursday, July 21, 2011


One shot tattoos today at the shop.  First appointment, I tattooed this Triforce, Japaneses rising sun, finger wave combo.  Really bad photo because I still haven't found the memory card for my good camera and have yet to buy a new one, forcing  me to use a basic point and shoot for the time being.
Walk ins are extremely rare at Ink Machine because we don't have much walk by traffic at the studio, and normally work by appointment with full days booked well in advance.  Well, in the 4 years I've worked at the studio, I'm 99% sure that this is the first time Danny and I took walk in tattoos together.  Kim and her boyfriend called around 2pm and wanted to get "Destiny" in script.  It just so happened we both had the time, so why not?  I tattooed Kim's wrist and added a blue flower to the mix, Danny tattooed her boyfriend's inner arm.  Here it is, and actual walk in tattoo done at Ink Machine.  So yes, given the time is available, we will do walk ins.

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