Saturday, July 9, 2011


Finished up TWO more tattoos today!  That's super awesome!

First appointment was touching up and adding the bells and whistles to Nick's stomach.  It's such a good feeling to put the final touches on such a big tattoo.  Nick is AWESOME at getting tattooed, so I had the confidence to go in and smooth everything out that needed it, as well as add some fun details.  Thanks a bunch Nick, you're a champ!
Second appointment was finishing Kayla's owl.  She needed to be done within 3 hours so she could head off to work after... NO PROBLEM.  Really happy with how this turned out, especially considering we had no set ideas on colour.  I really love it when it all comes together and you make those decisions at the last second with the client.  Super fun.  She'll be back in about a month for touch ups and healed photos.
And on a sad note, it was Simon's last day with us at the studio.  He's off to Calgary to work with the boys at Deadly Tattoos for a few days.  It's always fun having Simon out, but the time seems to go way to fast.  Thanks again for the visit Simon, we'll miss you!

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