Friday, February 18, 2011


Day off today from the studio. Pretty exciting because I picked up the first set of prints for 2011. It was also the last painting I did in 2010. Tomorrow I'm going to work on setting up a web store via my site so they can be purchased. Small run of only 11 made for this one. I'll post more info once a store is up and ready to go.My Dad gave Teagan and I tickets to the Oilers vs Habs game tonight. Super fun! His office has really good seats and it was actually a really good, fast paced game. I say actually really good since our Oilers are in last place in the league, but decided to come out and play hockey tonight and win 4-1.


Geza said...
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Geza said...

Oops! Hey Shawn, If you need any help setting up the e-store let me know!