Thursday, February 3, 2011


It was brought to my attention today that the dates I'm using in the subject line for the blog are wrong. Apparently day-month-year is the proper way, I was doing month-day-year. Sorry.

(Update- Steve has now informed me that day-month-year IS the right way, I'm not changing anything. This post has now been fixed.)

Either way, worked on Amy's back to day for just over 3hrs. Super fun once again. One or two more sittings and it will really start to take shape.


Steve said...

balls to that. I do month/day/year. day/month/year is the silly American way of doing things.

That back piece is outstanding.

Shawn O'Connor said...

HA! That's what I thought. Screw the American system. I'm going back. Thanks Steve!