Tuesday, April 12, 2011


So for now it's finally nice out in Edmonton.  It's unreal how fast the snow has been melting.  I thought for sure with the amount we received this year, we would have had snow on the ground until July.  Nicer weather and sunlight until almost 9:00pm now means nightly walks around our neighborhood,  which make me quite happy.

I love this house and walk by it all the time.  I wish you could see the amazing 70's orange curtains below and the amazing lush garden they have in the window on the top floor
 Saw this new addition today to a house that primarily has a southwestern decorations in the front yard, like plastic cactus, plastic cow skull, etc.  Obviously homemade and awesome.
 I think I may have posted this motel before, but I love it.  Fantastic old signs, telephones, family rates,  cable color TV, outdoor pool, and some air conditioning.  Maybe one day I'll inquire if that means only a select few of the rooms have air conditioning, or it they all have AC, but only some of the time.

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