Saturday, July 12, 2008

Post 18

....we're on a roll!

as promised, i touched up rebecca's back today. you can see the cover a bit over in the grass, it was scared so the outline gets all puffy when i touch it up. can't wait to get a better photo when it's healed.

i also worked on taryn's sacred hearts for two hours or so. i can't even imagine getting behind my knees tattooed, so when we're done i don't push for pics. i just bandage her up and get her home asap. one more session and we'll be done.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Post 17

... second day in a row, is that a first for this blog? i'd have to go back and check..... which i do not feel like doing.....

let's get right down to it. this is how i wanted to "come back" to the world of blogin'......

i don't actually want and explanation at all, but i could not believe when i rode past this billboard on my way to work.

amazing, has marketing come to this? we're going back to fido dido? this is the best the pespsi corp could come up with for the new 7UP adds? really, someone got paid to make the decision to bring back fido dido? wow.

i'm not sure if a horrible thing can even get worse, but it does......

so he's CGI now? really? fido dido was a LINE DRAWING. so someone else got paid to render a 2D, line drawing of fido dido, into the new CGI fido dido '08?

notice in the above "renderd" fido has multiple levels of hair which fall down like dreadlocks... however in the lower photo... he has basically a CGI, two dimensional head, and his hair goes up. the poor graphics department were so confused by the task at hand, they couldn't even decide one, final look for fido dido '08.

his hands are pretty awesome too...
nice work pepsi! i really wanted to make a comparison to bringing back what i remember to be "red eraser" clothing. i couldn't find any pics.... maybe that wasn't the name.... but if you remember fido dido, you probably remember a clothing line with a line drawing of basically the same thing, but with...

...wait for it.... red hair.....

let's bring that jackass back too to sell kids some crap. wow... he'd have....

...wait for it....RED CGI hair.

crap, i should get that job, i can remember tons of late 80's- early 90's crap to revamp and bring back to the youth of today.

kids these days are getting screwed over.... they don't get any thing new, they don't even get to enjoy my youth the way i remember it. they get crappy, watered down, CGI fido dido and such...

...*heavy sigh*.....

again, i really wish i could have found a photo of "red eraser", it probably would have been funnier. so instead, i'll have to compare the fido dido comeback to....

.... the new hypercolor toilet seat.

moving right along....

i tattooed my friend dan today. we outlined a ton of smaller traditional stuff last session, so this time 'round, we colored them all in. i took photos, but only for drawing reference. they're blurry and crappy and you don't get to see them.

then i tattooed nicole's other foot.

the "dad" side was still healing, so thanks to the magic of photoshop, some copy , paste.... we can see them together.

that's all for tonight. i'm touching up a really cool cover up tomorrow, hopefully i'll get some good pics.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Post 16- "so where the hell have you been?"

...good point, it's been, what, a month or two? time files. . .

summer's been great so far. fun tattoos, lots of bike riding, bbq.... for the first summer in a long time, i haven't over booked or over worked myself, and it's great. well, great for me.

unfortunately for new clients, this means i have not taken on the crazy work load i normally do when summer arrives. this has created a huge back log of messages in my inbox, which can be quite overwhelming and difficult to keep on top of.

i try my best to answer as many emails as possible on a weekly basis, however, working on existing drawings and tattoos is always priority #1 for me. i have again tried to reorganize my intake system and created a bunch of new fancy folders with in my webmail. hopefully this will smooth things over and make it easier for me to keep on top of the my work load.

if you have emailed me this last week, month, if you are a new client, if you are an old client, i will do my best to respond to every message i get. being one person, these things take time , i'm sorry. you patience is greatly appreciated.

over the next few days, i will try to respond to as many messages as possible, to clear up the back log . however, this is what i'm up against. like i said, it takes a while to respond to 199 new messages.....

well, now that everyone's skipped over reading that blurb, let's move on to what everyone comes to blogs for, photos.

about a month or so ago, i was having bike problems that were not getting solved over the phone with my friends at super champion. so i flew out with my bike for the day....

***flying to vancouver tip- you get off the plane, it's pouring rain, and the line for cabs is a mile and a half long, and not moving. look to your left, there are normally 2-4 limos sitting there. especially during rush hour (so like 8 am to about 7 pm) it costs about $30-35 to take a cab downtown, maybe even more with all the construction these days. a limo is $40 flat rate. ***
here's ty working on his road bike. check it out, a pink and purple De Rosa Casanova, awesome.
you would think nick is building up this beautiful bob jackson, however, the opposite is true. last time i was out to visit, he was building it up for sale. in 2 months, it did not sell, so he's taking it apart for pieces.... so sad.....
love the lugz.... if it wasn't 3 sizes too small, it would have come home with me, no questions asked.
they do a lot for me, so i did a painting for them.
we have an amazing basement that i have done nothing with sine we moved in. being at super champion inspired me to clean up a bit when i got home. the rocky poster came with the house, obvious perk.
i also had to have super champion send me out a rebuilt wheel. super impressed with the "custom" box. so is aku.
...all of which make me really want get out and ride our velodrome. teagan and i have been out to a few races this year. so fun to go out and watch. they're tearing it down soon to start building our new indoor velodrome. i HAVE to ride the outdoor before it's no more. photos from a recent race.

hey, how about some tattoo photos? i'm normally stingy with work in progress photos. that could also be translated to "i really hate resizing and editing photos after tattooing all day." which ever you prefer. however, i am a process junkie. i love seeing other people progress, sketches, ideas.... so i guess i should start giving a bit of that back.

*please note- all pics are of fresh, not healed, tattoos. hence the flash glare and sometimes crappy photos.

my friend brian is flying out from vancouver every few months to work on an alice an wonderland sleeve. i colored the white rabbit and some background last time.
some thistles on kay's back/arm.
doug's a monster when it comes to getting tattooed. we did this in just over a month. he came in every week for 3 hrs, with the exception of one week. he took one week off, and his wife had their second baby that week. congrats doug!

just a touch up/ finishing session away from being done!
speaking of backpieces, just because there haven't been any blog updates, doesn't mean josh hasn't been plugging away at her's. a few weeks ago we colored the bottom flower. next session, scales.

finished up megan's peonies and swallows. 3 sessions, ouch.... i don't think i'm tough enough to ever get my lower stomach tattooed. you're a chap megan.
here's my friend nicole's foot. we'll be tattooing the other one tomorrow.
to keep it a bit more recent, as in this week, i outlined this cherry blossom branch on sarah's ribs 2 days ago. it still amazes me that this is normal for someone's first tattoo these days. crazy.... my first tattoo was small, in the middle of my forearm. it was not a 2.5 hr outline taking up half my ribs.
have to finish it all up with a fun, amazing, joke tattoo. i love doing this stuff on good friends. justin pays homage to his love for pancakes and coffee. i feel blessed every time i get someone requesting something like this. sippin on some sizzurp' ... you rule justin.

that's all for now.

i'm not going to talk about how i hope to be posting more often, i'll just do it. see you soon.