Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Alright... I finally have a new camera... not a super awesome SLR... but a new iPhone.  Super excited that my in progress photos just got a lot better.  Hopefully a new SLR soon to take good healed portfolio pictues in the not too distant future...

I took this with my new phone in out backyard.  Someone should incorporate it into a tattoo.
Second order of business- The prolific Deadly Tattoos in Calgary, AB is having another art show.  Motorcylce tanks painted by tattooist.  Although I don't ride a motorbike, I'm more then happy to be invited to participate.  I started priming a used tank I picked up from a salvage yard yesterday.  Better late then never...

BE THERE (and buy the tank I'm painting... I have no idea what else I'll do with it)
Tattoo photos from the last few weeks?  Sure, why not-

Started colouring Jillian's owl and roses add on
First color session on Stephanie's back
Getting closer to done on Tessa's ribs/back
 Outlined and started a bit of colour on Nicole's foot
Snapped a few healed pictures of Leanne's rose and cloche.  I'll get those up in my portfolio on my website... soon...
I went to elementary and junior high with my friend Chris, but lost touch when I switched schools and haven't seen him in probably close to 20 years.  So excited that he randomly came across my portfolio on the internet and is getting tattooed!  I don't know what it is, but Chris makes me smile the second he walks in the door.   There's an octopus on the back of his arm. too.. but the pictures were to blurry to post..
Finally got a couple of hours on Drew's leg
Sandy's a maniac

Healed Photos of Pete's chest.  Pete slayed this one.  Thanks Pete!

Finished up Jackie's bird's and flowers.  I absolutely love working on this tattoo and I'm super excited to do a few touch ups and get healed photos.  It's her first tattoo and she knocked it out of the park in a few months.  When clients come in every 3 weeks, from start to finish, the project stay fresh in my mind, I can work faster, and get more done in a shorter amount of time. Another way of putting that would be- the more excited you are to work on and finish your tattoo in a timely manner, the more excited I am to work on and finish your tattoo, the better the end result.  Model client, thanks Jackie!
AND last but certainly not least... small gap filler on my good friend Justin.  All the best ideas come at the last second....

That's enough... See you next time...