Saturday, April 18, 2009

Post 33

Busy Saturday at the studio.

Today I worked on Kelly's cherry blossom tree for 3 hrs. Here's what we have done so far.
(I didn't do the blurry flowers)

Then I worked on the background to the Jizo tattoo I've started on Paul's lower arm. Again, 3 hrs.

A demain...

Friday, April 17, 2009

Post 32- CAT BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Tomas Magnum and Aku!!!!!!! Today you're 5 years young, hope you guys enjoyed your day doing what you do best, sleeping. Well.... sleeping and eating..... and for Tomas, hanging out in boxes.....

You guys are the best cats ever.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Post 31

Yesterday all I had booked was this small cover up.
So after, I went for a 4 hr bike ride. It was great. From Millcreek to Goldbar Park, across to Rundle Park, down Ada Blvd over to the museum to meet up with Teagan, for a ride home together.

Today I tattooed Brad's elbow. He took it like a champ.

It's always fun to get mail. Excited about "grape" and "light grape."
This is the biggest sharps container I've ever seen. 8 quarts.
And some random bandaging items. Probably boring for you, fun for me.

My bike currently has a $10 plastic, old, stella saddle, which was murder on my behind yesterday on my 4hr ride. Also sad to say, last year I experienced far more saddle sores than I'd care to speak of. Those two facts, combined with Teagan going on about how comfortable her new saddle on her new bike is, I invested in a Brooks today.
Teagan and I also decided to day was the day for FIRST BBQ OF 2009. I went to get the propane tank for a fill up and was happily surprised to find a box hidden by the mailman. 2 new sets of super comfy plastic double clips.
I like how they came as a gift, marked "hat" valued at $10.
Like I said- FIRST BBQ 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BBQ, BC beer, BC wine.... life is good.....

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Post 30b

ok... found one more before going to bed. I'm actually awake pissed off because I screwed up the last few lines attempting to outline a painting..... so photoshop is good mindless work.

This is Matt's lower arm. Part of a sleeve I greylined a about a month ago. His first tattoo is a sleeve and he sits like a rock.
There are a good 3 full ink caps of ochre in that lion. Matt's back for another apt in about 10 days and I'm sure we'll finish his whole lower forearm that session.

Post 30

Here's another classic example of it's done but it's not.... Healed pictures of Andrea's owl. Tattoo looks amazing, except I forgot to ask her to wear a black shirt.... soooooooooo... it will have to be reshot before being added to the portfolio...... good thing we're adding a bug on a branch Sunday!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Post 29

I've finally taken a bunch of photos of some newish work that's done, or a touch up or two away from being done. I'll edit them and get them up over the next few days. Here's a few for today-

Carmen's pigeons all healed up

Justin was in town so I made him show off the chest for a photo. His chest has actually been "done" for a while. He'll hate me, but we still need to do a few touch ups. But definitely blog worthy.

We're finally finishing up all the small details and starting touch ups on Josh's back. The end is near!!!!

More soon...

Post 28

Great day at the studio.

American Traditional Easter Sunday

2 girls that are tough as nails. Nice work!