Tuesday, October 23, 2012


It's been a while, but what a month!  So busy, so much fun.  We had house guests, got tattooed, drove down to a family birthday, then up to the mountains for a vacation with new fiends, came home, worked, had house guests, worked, had guest artists and more house guests at the shop....  it's no wonder we're both exhausted.

During that madness, I unfortunately forgot to set up an auto reply for emails, letting people know that I'd be extremely busy this month and away from emails for the most part.  I know I have a lot of typing in my near future as I play catch up, so as you patiently wait for a reply here are a few photos from my favorite month of the year, OCTOBER!  As always, your patience is extremely appreciated, and these tattoos are in no particular order.

BFF tat's

Started colouring my friend Jon's sleeve
Our trip with our new friends.  Fall in the mountains is my favorite

Just touch ups left on this Tiffany Bozic reproduction
 More visitors!
...these two...

Adding on to Blake's arm by going straight down his side.  Lots of blue.
 Colour session number one for Vanessa
 Colour session number two for Vanessa!
Matt's sleeve
 Started a sleeve on Colby and coloured this little bit of background