Saturday, March 31, 2012


Quick post now that I'm back from my Chicago trip.  I have a bunch of drawing to get to tonight so I don't have time to address everything I'd like/need to, but pictures are good.

Coloured Leanna's thigh before I left

Quick outline for Callum's arm today.  Good easy way to get back into things after getting tattooed.
I'll address this in a more formal manner on Monday and Tuesday, but "summer season" for tattooing has officially begun.  That means everyone who's forgotten/neglected to get tattooed over the winter months is rushing to get appointments right now.

This means it will take me longer to respond to emails, and appointments will be booking further out then a they did over the winter months, and yes, especially weekend appointments.  Please plan ahead.

Remember, lack of planning on your part does not constitute  an emergency on mine.  

More Monday... or Tuesday...

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Here's the last few weeks worth of tattoos, I figured I'd do a quick update before heading back to Chicago on Sunday.

Worked on Dasha's tattoo last Sunday and finished up the roses and most of the leaves
Did this fun little mountain scene on Lindsay's 1/2 sleeve Last Thursday
Coloured the rest of Leanna's pineapple and the tomato's on her fruit sleeve.  This should be done in one or two more sessions
Super fun pocket watch on the back of Chelsey's neck Wednesday
Also Thursday, Reid is destroying this half sleeve and will have the whole thing done next session.  He started it Feb 8th.  Awesome client!
Outlined Jackie's first tattoo on Thursday.
... and finally, Pete Killed it today and got a huge chunk done on his owl.

Monday, March 12, 2012


I've been attempting to draw and paint a lot more the last few months,  most of which is for the purpose of studying.  It's stuff I'm just messing around with, and will not be publishing on the blog.  I'm finding it extremely helpful just working on exercises and ideas that I know no one will see... 

So unfortunately that's what I'm doing right now with the extra time I used to spend on updating my blog.  Hopefully over the next few weeks... or maybe months... I have new paintings or ideas to show for all the work... hopefully....  Here's some recent stuff in progress from the last few weeks of tattooing.