Thursday, September 26, 2013


Finished Keltie's 1/2 sleeve today and good thing since she's off to the Okanagan Valley at the end of the month.  Photo is 1/2 healed 1/2 fresh...  I'll find her for a touch up and a healed photo soon hopefully.  No questions, the tattoos I'm most happy with are usually done in the shortest amount of time.  3 sessions in a month and ten days, super awesome.  Thanks champ!  All the best in BC!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Monday, September 23, 2013

Stuff for Sale

Blog overload today...

I'll be doing a bunch of fall cleaning around the house the next few days/weeks, and positing stuff on the blog for sale randomly as I find it.  Some of my older paintings that I chose not to sell previously for whatever reason, books, some of my collection of paintings/prints, vinyl toys.... I have too much stuff and need to clear some space.

Today this 8X10 is for sale.  Playing around with colour and liquid acrylics 2 years ago.  If you're interested in purchasing it please email me at  Local pick up or shipping can be arranged.  Thanks!

SETCo Bound

I'll post this on other social media things later, blog first.  I'll be back at Sanitary Electric Tattoo Company tattooing with my good friends the 16-20th of Oct.

I still have a few 3 hour apts available.  Smaller sized preferred of American Traditional or Nature themed tattoos.

I'll also be bringing a book of hand painted flash I've been working on.  There are 8 sheets so far, hope to have at least 15 done before the trip, so 50+ designs to chose from.

Email me at to set up an appointment


Super fun tattoo on Kyley's foot a few weeks ago.  I'm fairly sure her apt for the other foot is coming up soon as well!