Tuesday, May 31, 2011


...I'll just come right out and say it...  I've got nothing today....

...I framed another one of the Bert Krak prints... maybe I'll take a photo of them once they're hung on our walls...

I guess the most exciting news of the day came via the mighty Facebook when my absolute favorite band, who has been fairly inactive for the last few years, announced they are all in the same city and starting to write for a new album as of tonight.  Really exciting news for an instrumental nerd like me.

So... yea... new Mercury Program... maybe coming soon...

I want to see this band live more than I can even explain.  I love this band and the music they create more than I could ever explain.  I'm actually considering trying to figure out a way to get down to Florida in July to make this dream a reality.  Seriously....

If this music interests you, be sure to watch the whole video.  Double vibraphone ending... unreal...

Monday, May 30, 2011


I didn't edit any photos today... I used my day off, as a day off.  Crazy concept.

I did however get an amazing package in the mail today from Mr Bert Krak.  Here are 2 of the prints he sent me... I have another 3 to frame, and they're as big as the parrots.  Thanks Bert!  They're unreal!


Awesome day today, because I had 90% of it off.  I went in to the shop to do touch ups on my friend Dave's arm, and there was literally only one small spot that needed touching up.  It maybe took all of 60 seconds...  so we snapped a few photos which I'll edit tomorrow.  Dave is part of a wine club and brought a few bottles of wine as a present.  Thanks Dave!
To end my work week,  Teagan and I went and saw Timber Timbre play tonight,  amazing...

Saturday, May 28, 2011


I was almost to tired to make an actual blog post tonight... but since I only have one photo of today's doings... the show must go on...

Nick's stomach is almost done.  One more session of touch ups, adding a bit of line work to the falling money, and even out the edges.  Nick's been a champ through out the whole tattoo. 
I also worked on my friend Rodney's sleeve today... but completely forgot to take photos.

Friday, May 27, 2011


I had a client have to rebook their appointment for today about a week ago, so we penciled Teagan in to get a one shot tattoo on her inner arm that I drew for her... well... I can't even remember when I did the drawing....  it was a while ago...  So today I had the morning free to work on a few paintings, make a line copy, and then picked her up from school and headed over to the studio.

I get super nervous now when I have to tattoo my wife...  I don't know why... well, that's a lie.  I know exactly why... I obviously want it to be really good.  Not that I don't want every tattoo to be really good... but you understand... it's my wife.... I'll be seeing it quite a bit.

I couldn't decide on colours, so I'm glade Teagan stepped in and picked purple and pink.  I'm really happy with her colour choices.  I had never considered a purple owl, but  I love purple, and I've never tattooed a purple owl before!

Again, this tattoo was drawn for my wife specifically...

Please do not steal this tattoo...  

If you are a tattoo collector, please do not print this off and take it to a tattooist to have them tattoo it on you...

If you are a tattooist, please do not trace this and put it one someone else....

...I'd be really upset if I saw this tattoo on someone else....

Thursday, May 26, 2011


What a day.... here it is in point form...

-woke up early to bike to work.  It was kinda cool outside so I went down to the basement to find a light toque for the ride.
-instead, found a puddle of water and wet ceiling tiles above said puddle
-emailed our real estate agent who has a few rental properties in the area to get the name of a local plumber.
 -got my bike out of the garage, inflated the tires, then started explaining via text message to Teagan our new plumbing problems.
-rode my bike 3/4 of the way to work... and realized that I had not only left my keys at home, but locked them in the garage... all of my keys... house, shop, car, and yes... garage...
-text messaged my friend Erica who THANK GOD was home and had a set of keys to our house from the last time she looked after our cats
-rode my bike back to Erica's which is not far from our house, retrieved keys from mail box, rode home.  Total time on bike- 1hr 35mins- 19.3km....
-drove quickly to work, cleaned and sterilized tubes.  Tattooed for 2 hours until the plumber called and wanted to meet at the house at 3pm....
-bandaged Lindsay and drove home.

Good news, the leak was nothing major and is dealt with for now.

It was a long morning....

Here's part of the 2 hrs of tattooing I got done on Lindsay.  I really wished I could have done more since I had her booked in for most of the day....

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


So I'll have to admit that last week I slacked off in a big way on riding my bike to work... I can come up with a million reasons... but whatever, it happened.  Today I was back in action and had my first ride through light rain.  My ride is 90% on bike paths in the river valley, and it was an amazing ride today. The light rain was really nice and made the spring river valley smell amazing.

Anyways... I tattooed a really fun one shot tattoo on Pete at the studio today.  I really love doing these one shot tattoos start to finish.  Not the best pictures, as always, but you get the idea. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Second day off today... pretty good day.  Got things done, but at a fairly relaxed pace.  I restarted a painting that I messed up a few days ago, and finished up 2 drawings for this week.  iPhone pics today-

I saw this first thing this morning.  Teachers get cuts, more money to STD's... Anyone think that maybe if we had more amazing teachers, we'd have fewer kids with STD's?  Maybe it's just me....
Found Tomas this morning who apparently decided to make a cave in our closet
I had an assistant helping me make kabobs tonight
My ladies hanging out on the floor watching the hockey game

Monday, May 23, 2011


Hey Everyone,

Just a friendly reminder that Ollie will be tattooing with us at the studio June 2-9.  Interested in getting tattooed?  Contact him through his website-

...honestly... I was just looking for another excuse to post this picture...

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Another week done and on to days off tomorrow and Tuesday.  Excited to try to get a bit of painting done.

First appointment today would have been a great post because I finished a sleeve, but alas, the photos are of a bright reflection of light.... aka- the flash burn.  I'll admit, I rushed taking the photo and most likely did not get all of the Vaseline off of his arm because I had an afternoon appointment.

Second tattoo of the day was working on the background to Kalum's sleeve.  Pretty damn fun way to end the work week.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


I outlined a sleeve today at the studio.  I just never feel like posting pictures of an outlined sleeve, there's just not much to see, and I used a bunch or thin grey lines which are hard to see in the pictures... so no photos of tattoos tonight.

Instead, the best opening to one of the best movies ever made.

Friday, May 20, 2011


This interview is amazing.  Scott Sylvia interviewing Tim Hendricks.  Not sure what else to say, I've watched it 2-3 times already and will probably watch it again tomorrow.   Tim Hendricks.... pretty awesome guy.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Short day at the shop today.  My second appointment was a touch up that didn't need touch ups... he just wants to add on to his tattoo in the near future.  So that meant I only had a quick morning appointment.  I worked on this piece for a few hours and called it a day.  I guess I should have waited for the lotus to stop weeping before taking the photo...


Emails.... Where to begin....  this will be a long post, but please read it...

I guess I can start by saying, for the last few years, emails have by far been the best way for me to receive submissions from clients who are interested in new work/projects.  It gives me a chance to see who's serious and who's taken the time to read the rules that are clearly stated on my website and respond with appropriate answers.  

It also gives me a chance to read the clients request and take a minute, or day, or week... to think about the project and be sure that I feel that I'm best suited for the project, and that I can complete the request in a timely manner.  That's really important to me. 

Emails also give me the chance to lay out the ground rules and make sure everything that is expected from both myself, as well as the client is clearly stated in those first few messages.  After over a decade of tattooing, I've learned that if I do not spell things out for clients explicitly in writing, it gives them a chance to come back one day and say "well... you never SAID...."  So this gives me a chance to lay it all out so that we start on the same page before even booking a consultation.

The last month, my wife Teagan has been helping me a ton by answering emails.  It's been a complete success as far as I'm concerned, and has given me one less thing to do each day so I can focus more of my time on drawing, tattooing, painting, and relaxing when I am lucky enough to get down time.  I really appreciate her helping me out.  She's far more organized than I am when it comes to these types of things, and having her help me out makes my job and life much easier.

Which brings me to my point for this post... well... a few points I guess.

I'll start by stating that Teagan probably knows more about tattooing and the "tattoo industry" than half the tattooists in this or any town.  She herself is becoming heavily tattooed, so she understands the process, what makes a good tattoo, what will last over time, what will not work, ect.  She follows tattooist blogs and websites, and keeps up to date on who's doing what for solid, clean tattooing these days because it is something she is interested in.  Basically, she knows what's up, end of story.

At this point,  the process is as follows;  She reads the emails sent to my inbox, and passes on new project for me to read and review.  I read them, and tell her which I'm interested in working on, and she responds with the appropriate information needed to book a consultation.   

If you did not include in your initial email what you would like to have tattooed, how big, where on the body, ect., she will email you back and tell you to read this page, and respond with the appropriate information to pass along to me.

So it's really pointless to respond "Well...I just want to book a consultation and talk to Shawn face to face about my ideas" and not include and information or subject for what you would like to have tattooed in your second response.  She's giving you exactly the same response I've been giving for years when I receive and email with no information pertaining to what you are looking to have tattooed. 

We need to know what you are looking to have tattooed as far as subject matter for your tattoo.  The only way we will be able to book you a consultation is if you submit your ideas via email.  If you do not have said information included in your email, we can not help you until you do.  If you do not have any ideas for what your are looking to have tattooed, we can not help you until you do.

It is my job to take your ideas, and use my experience over the last decade of tattooing to compose a layout that will be clean, solid, and will last for years to come.  In plain English- I take your ideas and try to draw a unique tattoo that we will both be happy with.  

I'm sorry, but this is not LA Ink, there are no cameras rolling, and it is not my job to interpret your dreams, feelings, hopes and aspirations.  It is up to you to interpret your dreams and feelings and describe to me what image you would like to use for your tattoo.  I do not know how to tattoo the feeling "happy" or how to come up with an image based on a song you like.  Different things have different meanings to different people.  You need to tell me you want a rose with a tall ship, and I'll draw you a cool rose with a tall ship.  Unfortunately if you do not know what you want and/or can not put it into words, then I do not know what I have to draw for you.

If you are interested in getting tattooed, I am extremely grateful that you have chosen me to work on your project.  Please take the time to read this page and email me your request whenever you are ready to be tattooed.  



Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I didn't have anything really to post today... until I visited Simon's blog and immediately began to get a bit watery eyed....

21 years ago yesterday we lost one of the most creative and significant people of our time.
If love Jim Henson and don't own this book, you should.

Monday, May 16, 2011


I tattooed a really fun cover up in a not so fun area today, so I guess that makes it 2 days in a row now for clients not really having the best time while getting tattooed.  The cover up was right on Nicole's sternum, but covered up quite easily since she'd had it lazered twice.  Unfortunately after 3 hours of tattooing, she'd had enough so we didn't quite finish, and when I went to take photos, she got a bit pale and had to lay down for a bit... so no photos...

Other than that, I came home to a box full of books that I had ordered a few days ago.  Who doesn't love getting things in the mail? 

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Aussie appreciation day at the studio today.  Rhys and Chelsey came down to see a show and get tattooed.  How 2 people from Australia have been living in Ft. McMoney for the last few years is beyond me.  Anyways...

I think I almost killed Rhys today, but he finally filled in his stomach.
Chelsey and her friend Sam got matching Sailor Jerry tattoos, with modern day colors.  It's amazing how fun these simple designs are to tattoo, I love old flash.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


More outlines today.  Yesterday was birds, today FLOWERS!!!!  Maybe my blog post have more impact than I realized.... because I do love tattooing birds and flowers!!!

Outlined the bottom half of Cara's 3/4 sleeve today. We tattooed the top half at least 3 if not 4 years ago.  Cara's awesome so it was really fun to work with her again.

Friday, May 13, 2011


And now for today's doings.  I tattooed my friend Steve today and it was good times.  I added 2 birds, a few spruce branches and pine cones, and a bit of background around tattoos he already had... wait... is that right?  Pine cones... Spruce branches.... Spruce cones?  I'm not sure....

Either way,  it was really fun and Steve is awesome because he reads my blog and knows tattoos of birds are amazing.  He's also amazing because he brought me a fresh baked loaf of bread (yes, it was still warm when he handed it to me) and 4 homemade muffins.  Thanks Steve.  They're delicious!


Since Blogger screwed me over last night by being down for maintenance,  I'll just have to make yesterdays post today and pretend I didn't miss a day.  Pretty funny because I didn't really have much to post yesterday anyways....

I'm riding my bike almost 90% of the time to work now.  It's amazing.  Saw this yesterday on my ride

I did a full day of errands yesterday as well.  Took the bike on a short fun ride, then to the store to get a drink, then to the vet to get cat food, then the bank, then Safeway for food.  Yup, TP and cat food on the front rack. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Worked on Amy's deer for a couple of hours today... well... actually to be a bit more accurate we coloured the water and tall grass... 
I've been biking to work most days now... about 45mins to bike the 13km one way...it's super fun but it leaves me tired by the end of the day, but a good tired.  The kind of tired you feel when your body is actually doing something physical... not the kind of tired you feel when you're lazy and inactive, like I felt most of this past winter....

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Today was one of those rare and super special days where almost everything went right at the studio.  Super fun one shot tattoos, super awesome clients, tones of creative freedom from the client, my stencils went on great and stayed on even better through out the tattoo, machines were working the best they have been in a long time.... just a really fun day.

First tattoo I did today was on my friend Dan's hand. Tattooed a super fun compass with "Born to Run" in banners.  The only problem I had all day was that I finished the tattoo, took photos, bandaged him up and said goodbye, only to find my camera's memory card sitting in the back room.  Yup... took about 10 photos,  and I have nothing to show for it.... Why in the world does my camera let me take photos when there is no memory card in it?  You'd think it would not let me take any photos and might give me some indication as to why.... oh well...

Second tattoo of the day was this blue Jesus on Scott.  Didn't exactly get the best photo, but at least it saved to a memory card, and at least I have photos to show...

Monday, May 9, 2011


So this is my second last week of working 6 days a week.  It really makes me appreciate that one day off, but it's not nearly enough, and I'm excited to get back to working a regular schedule with regular days off.  I had a long list of things "to do" today, and pretty much all I did was go buy a bell for my bike, then go on a 20km bike ride.

Speaking of bikes... check this thing out.  Saw this beauty at Bonnie Doon Mall today.  Crappy Canadian Tire mountain bike that someone decided to add a full on gas motor.  I tried to get good photos using my iPhone of how much Duct Tape and electrical tape was used to create this beauty.  The fuel tank on the top tube is amazing.

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Yesterday morning I started colouring the tail feathers on Charlotte's peacock.
Day off tomorrow... pretty excited...


I did tattoo today.... really fun stuff... but alas... I have another 2 drawing to do tonight which means another 3am drawing night... which means no tattoo photos.

One of the drawing I need to have done tonight is a shark, and through the magic of the internet, I stumbled upon this gem.  I would definitely love to have a shark sleeping bag, please and thank you.

Saturday, May 7, 2011


I know I've probably said this a million times before, but I'm actually putting it into action this time.

As of the first week or June,  I'm going down to a 4 day work week at the studio.  That extra day isn't going to be a day off, it will become drawing day so I hopefully will no longer have to work a full day at the studio tattooing, to come home to have to stay up until 3am drawing or give up one of my days off to keep up with my drawing list.

Starting June 1st I'll be booking appointments Thursdays to Sundays  from 10am to 6pm. 


Thursday, May 5, 2011


Did the first commute to and from work on the bike today, pretty awesome.  I'm sure most have heard enough about the bike by now so I'll just leave it at that.

Tattooed today, but didn't get good pictures... so I'm stealing more photos from Teagan's Instagram feed.  Me and my best friend.  One of us is pretty stoked, one is not.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


First day back at the studio after about a week off.  I'm always amazed how easy tattooing seems after a long period of time off.  Everything just seems to work better than it did before taking a break.  My stencil went on perfect, machines were running great... I guess even tattoo machines need a bit of time off...

Anyways... Today I tattooed this fun Dr Seuss piece on Naissa's foot.  Kinda crappy photos since it's fresh, but I'm really happy with how the tattoo turned out.  It was a really fun tattoo to work on. ( and obviously the infinity symbol/numbers we there before and not done by me)
Revolution Cycle hooked me up with a few free tubes since my bike came with 2 flats
It's always a good Idea to try something new at dusk, right?  Trying to figure things out in the dark?  Great idea...
Teagan took this photo with Instagram.   If your an iPhone nerd, download this app, it's amazing.  I'm not sure how to post a direct link, but your can follow either of us.  Our user names are teaganbeglaw and shawnoconnor.
The new bike has an internally geared hub, which made it a bit tricky to figure out how to change the rear tire, but I think I got it... I guess I'll find out tomorrow when I ride it to work...

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I forgot to post this the other day.  Awesome drawing by a hungover Teagan of how I felt most of the plane ride home... It was pretty rough... especially the take off and the first big bank turn... extra points for the drawing being on the air sickness bag.
So today was the first day trying to avoid using the car.  Other than driving Teagan to school this morning, I did everything on my new bike today.

Went to Safeway and bought a backpack full of groceries.
Rode it to my massage/chiro appointment and saved almost 20 mins compared to driving and trying to find parking.  Oh right... also saved $5 on parking that I would have spent driving my car.
Picked up a second cable to lock up my front wheel on the way home and bought beer for a bit of BBQ tonight.  Crushed the beer box, but that doesn't effect the beer in any way.
I was really excited to ride to work tomorrow...however... I should have figured this out when I found the bike in the basement at Revolution Cycle yesterday... Like I said, it was last years model, and when we pulled it out from the rack, both tires were flat.  I found a bike pump and filled them up for a test ride and didn't think about it again...

...Those flats should have been a huge red light... both tires have flats and I don't have any tubes to change them tonight.  Unfortunately I'm not exactly confident I can cross the city without them deflating....