Friday, March 14, 2008

Post 9

Regina Day 3

1. Danny, Orrin and Jesse Young (six gill) going over orrin's cover up one last time.
2. Jessy Young of Six Gill doin' some painting on Orrin
3. Mark of Craftsman
4. Mark of Craftsman wearing a great shirt
5. gratuitous promotion of the back of my shirts as fashioned by Mark
6. Clint of Craftsman
7. mr. ryan halter gave me beard envy tattooing this amazing 6 eyed beauty
8. heath was still stoked
9. red rose i tattooed at the end of the day. fun tattoo, again crappy convention picture....sorry.
10. Danny working on an epic hand cover up
11. Danny tattooing
12. this was amazing. last man standing. they took down every piece of the convention that they could, but let Danny tattoo uninterrupted until he finished.

I'm not a camera guy unfortunately. there was a great after party that jarret put on at rising sun. again, i didn't have a camera, but hopefully some photos will surface...

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