Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Post 23

That's right, I'm stealing the idea of using a slideshow from the Analog Weather Report. Thanks guys.

First 2 are photos Teagan took of our backyard before the -40 arrived. I like how the snow is collecting on the new fence.

Darren and Sherry V. were in town for the new year. I worked on Darren's arm for about 3-4 hrs, finishing it up the bamboo fountains and starting some of the touch ups. One more touch up session to go.

Then I had the pleasure of tattooing a caricature of Sherry's cat Pete as a kitten baking cupcakes. This tattoo holds a special place in my heart. I have my cats tattooed on my feet. Cats are awesome. Loving you cats so much you get tattoos of them is even better.

The next day I tattooed a goat head on Dan's leg. Fun stuff.

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Anonymous said...

It's my favourite tattoo, ever! It makes me smile everytime I see it. Thanks, pal.