Friday, January 27, 2012


...alright.... I'll update my blog....  It's really easy to assume that no one checks the blog, especially when the only people who comment are Simon and James... but I've received enough emails, text, messages, and clients telling me otherwise. 

If you like reading the blog, then participate.  It takes 2 seconds to sign up and follow, and even less time to post a comment every now and again.  It's a two way street....  I only want to post if I think there are people reading...  and when no one adds themselves to "follow" to blog or comment, I assume no one is there.... so get involved, participate.

Here's some of the last few weeks work
  Done at SETCo in Vancouver


HomoHausfrau said...

Holy crap I can't get enough of your flowers! You do amazing work!!!

Can't wait to get started on my next tattoo... I will definitely be getting in touch!

Not Available said...

It is fun getting comments.

Great work, Shawn. You often inspire me to practice more

Sarah said...

I totally love your blog! I subscribe. I read every post. I've just never commented because I feel like a dork! :) I love your work. I love my tattoo and I can't wait until I can come in and get my sleeve started!

mads said...

Your work is amazing and I appreciate the blog

Geza said...

Now that's a shark!

Newton said...

Tight work mang

Mighty Romeo said...

yes sir! read your blog daily last year. keep it up, the internetz loves it. you've tattooed some of mi buds, and would love to have you add to my collection in the future. took me a while but now I recognize you! you played in Cocksure a long time ago Oi!