Thursday, July 5, 2012


Keeping with the theme of catching up on old photos....

June 17th Deadly Tattoos in Calgary had their "Getn' Tanked" show and I was lucky enough to be invited to participate.  I'll be completely honest, I don't own a motorbike, I've never even sat on a motorbike... So I was fairly surprised how big the tank was when I went to pick up from the salvage yard.   Needless to say,  I've never painted a gas tank before, but that's the fun part about participating in Deadly art shows...  Usually puts me out of my comfort zone.

I was both shocked and honored that Rich Handford of Kapala Tattoo in Winnipeg bought my tank before the show even started.  Rich is an amazing artist, so it makes me really happy that he ended up with my tank.

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HomoHausfrau said...

Great work, as always! I love that you went with something atypical from what you'd expect to see painted on a tank (flash, etc)