Sunday, September 27, 2009

Post 36

There's been quite a bit of drawin' going on at the old log cabin the last few weeks, and new drawings mean new tattoos.

I love doing big tattoos, but there's also something extremely satisfying about doing one-shots. Start to finish, the client gets a tattoo in on sitting, I get a photo at the end. Awesomeness. Like Phil Holt said ' "Custom" is not synonymous with "huge" ', I couldn't agree more.

Today my friend Noel wanted a teacher tattoo, so that's what he got. He's a teacher. He already has a traditional skull on his other ankle by my friend Jesse Dicey. He got it a few years ago at the shop I owned in Vancouver, Free Range Studio, so I was more than happy to compliment that tattoo with a apple skull, complete with No 2 pencils (like the kind you used on the PXJTs, NUMBER TWOOOOOOO).

A week or two ago, Teagan's parents were in town for a short visit. Her Mom wanted to get her first tattoo. No problem.
Pretty sweet first tattoo. Start to finish none the less. Nice work Mom.

Both are photos of fresh tattoos, so please excuse the glare from the flash. Can't wait to get healed photos!

Tomorrow I get to finish Kim's deer. Super excited, can't wait.....

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Aivanne said...

damn man your work keeps getting cleaner and cleaner. it's ridiculous. I am jealous !!!!