Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Post 37

A word from the wise, if you're REALLY excited to take a photo of something, make sure your camera's batteries are charged...... like if you're about to finish a really cool deer tattoo...... yes, I finished Kim's deer, but didn't even get one photo.... lesson learned....

So how about a few iPhone photos. They're really neat too.
Here's one of me tattooing Teagan's mom.
And one of her Dad waiting patiently for us to be done.

A few days ago Teagan and I wanted to spend a bit of time with the beautiful fall trees. I had the day off so I went out to Elk Island Park to see if they had fire pits for hot dogs and marshmallows. They do.

Toy Camera is a great application. It's always fun to see what the end result will be.
Before leaving, I realized that for the last week or so I've been driving around with a quart of wood, and axe, and a shovel in the back of my car. This makes me very happy. Very happy...

I picked Teagan up from work and we went back out to Elk Island for fire and BBQ. Two visits to Elk Island in one day, THIS made me very happy... VERY happy...
It was just getting nice and dark when we were visited by a buffalo.
I don't think this is a photo of Teagan seeing the buffalo, but let's pretend...

He was big, really big, so we packed up and left him to graze, just in case. I wish I snapped a photo of him, but again, he was really big, and only a few feet away... besides, we're on his turf, not the other way around. I respect the buffalo and their right to graze in private.

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