Friday, March 7, 2014


So this year my annual birthday get-a-way was super awesome and rewarding.  Teagan and I were both beyond exhausted from cleaning and sorting and packing and getting our house ready to sell.  Mission accomplished
After a short drive to the Rockies, we were back at our favorite cabin in the middle of no where.  For the next two days we sat around and did a lot of this
... I personally fell asleep on the couch several times though out the day in front of the fire looking out the window at our view.  Looks amazing but it was actually -33 with the wind chill....
 ... great for keeping wine cold though.
Birthday breakfast
and and birthday dinner with the best wife ever.
The next morning we decided to not go home, but instead head down to go look at and potentially secure our studio in Nelson, BC.  Again, love this cabin!
... Nelson pictures tomorrow...