Monday, June 14, 2010

Post 46

...Going back a few days....

Last Thursday I had to start a new sleeve of roses and skulls. Mike want's to have this sleeve done asap, so you'll see this happen pretty damn quick with him booking 2 days in a row, once a week.

Here's my drawing area Wednesday night.
Drew Wednesday night, cleaned up Thursday morning...I had sketch and a line copy ready to go...
We stared Thursday around 11am. The stencil and drawing on went to skin extremely fast for a client who I had never met. A few hours later, we had it all outlined...
Friday he was back the same time, 11am, and we coloured for about 3 hrs.Super fun tattoo, AMAZING client. Mike was overseas when he emailed me about getting tattooed, so with the exception of the few emails we had exchanged, we had never actually met until the morning of his appointment. I had no tracing for size, he didn't even ask to see the drawing. He showed up 15 mins early both days, only took breaks when I needed to refill pigment or paper towels, and sat still like a rock. He was the perfect client, no distractions, no interference at anytime, full cooperation at all times.

Thanks Mike.

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